• Breakfast

    You can have a refreshing breakfast through a delicious bread with Wakayama fruit jam. We also have 3 types of SEN.RETREAT's original coffee and a black tea.



      We have breads that are delicious just by itself but also when it is baked in oven. Try it with a fruit jam.

      Original coffee

      It is a original coffee roasted at a local roasting station. 4 types of drinks can be enjoyed: Original Blend, Kirimanjaro, Mandelin, and Kawazoe Black Tea

      Unshu Mikan Jam

      A jam made with a whole Unshu Mikan (citrus). Enjoy the delicious taste of the ingredients that are boiled down even with astringent skin!

      Jabara Jam

      A jam made with Jabara, which is widely known as a fruit that prevents inflammation caused by pollen allergy.

      Peach Jam

      A fragrant jam made with Wakayama's peach.

      Kishu Nanko Ume Jam

      A jam made with Nanko Ume known to have a soft pulp.

      Fuyu Kaki Jam

      A jam made with Wakayama's Fuyu Kaki.

  • Dinner

    We have a Wakayama's BBQ which you can enjoy at the terrace, and a shabushabu made with local wild game meat. Enjoy an experiential meal at your own pace by renting one building.

      All Wakayama's BBQ

      Fresh Meat

      We provide fresh meat by JA Kinan. You can experience the meat melting inside your mouth.

      Ume Pork Sausage

      A healthy "Kishu Umebuta," ate plum pulp extract everyday, has a refreshing taste that is not greasy.

      Ryujin Shiitake

      Rujin Shiitake, which can be found in Tanabe, Wakayama, is meaty and rich in flavor. Enjoy the Shiitake mushroom grown in the Ryujin village that has a clean air and water.

      The Scallop and the Black Tiger

      We have prepared some seafood for the BBQ. The scallop and the black tiger is fresh and meaty.

      Kumano Rice

      We have 2 big cups of Wakayama's "Kumano Rice" for each group. Kumano Rice is tasty even when it is cold.

      Sauce and seasonings

      We have mild, medium and spicy sauce as a Yakiniku sauce. We also have seasonings like soy sauce and rock salt for the BBQ.

      Wild game meat dish

      Boar meat

      The local Wakayama wild game meat we use is a special kind which does not stink at all thanks to the highly skilled butcher. Enjoy the all Wakayma Shabu shabu with other ingredients as well.

      Ryujin Shiitake

      Rujin Shiitake, which can be found in Tanabe, Wakayama, is meaty and rich in flavor. Enjoy the Shiitake mushroom grown in the Ryujin village that has a clean air and water.

      Wood Ear Mushroom

      The wood ear mushrooms grew up in a domestic mushroom bed without any chemicals used. The white chewy wood ear mushroom's texture and taste can be fully enjoyed by having it as Shabu shabu.

      Local Vegetables

      We have fresh vegetables such as green onions, cabbages, mizuna, trumpet mushrooms and enoki mushrooms.

      Ume Ponzu

      Based on Kishu plum juice, this ponzu has a clean and refreshing taste. It goes well with both wild game meat and vegetables.

      Sesame sauce

      It is a creamy, fragrant sesame sauce that combines the flavor of fully ripened yuzu juice from Kishu with the richness of sesame paste.The rich aroma of grind sesame goes well with any ingredient.

  • All inclusive drinks

    Drinks that even the local residents have never tried are prepared. Taking them home as an souvenir is also available. The drink is included in the staying price.

      Alcohol drinks

      Craft Beer

      We have prepared a craft beer from Tanabe city, Wakayama which you can enjoy the original taste of barley. It is a meaningful and special beer made by not only the best ingredients but also the Kishu Kumano's best water.

      Sparkling Umeshu

      It is a sparkling umeshu made by Wakaya's fruit. You can enjoy the taste of the Nanko-Ume harvested in Wakayama and the sparking wine's bite going down.

      Ume Wine

      It is easier to drink compared to umeshu which has the sourness of ume remaining and has a bite going down. It is not that sweet so you can have it as an Apéritif or when you cook meat or fish.

      Nachi no Taki

      It is a mild sake with a refreshing texture made from the holy water of Nachi Falls, which is said to be the best waterfall in Japan.

      Kodo no Shizuku

      You can taste the fragrance of ginjoshu. Since it blended the famous water of Kumanokodo, it goes well with all Wakayama's ingredients and dishes made by them.

      with water・with soda

      We have both still and sparkling water which you can drink alcohol with.

      Soft Drinks

      Squeezed tangerines

      To share with you the taste and the fragrance of the Wakayama's fruit, the half sliced tangerines are gently squeezed by a bowl. The taste is just like a tangerine itself.

      Squeezed ginger

      It is a ginger ale made by squeezing the whole young ginger from the farmers of Wakayama. You can drink it with beer.

      Yuzuka Chan

      Its characteristic is the fresh drinking feeling made by the nice aroma of the squeezed Yuzu and the beautiful water of Kozawa's clear stream.

      Jabara Cider

      A non addictive added natural soda made by Jabara, a tangerine from the Okukumano.

      Tangerine Juice (Small) / King of Arida Mikan

      A luxury street tangerine juice which you can fully enjoy the Arida Mikan. The richness and the refreshness can be tasted as soon as you drink it.

  • Snacks

    We have included Wakayama Miyagegashi and snacks as the all inclusive. We have prepared standard dishes and snacks that you've never seen before. You can drink and eat in your living room of you building. It is also a nice souvenir to take home.

      Wakayama Kagerou and bar snacks

      Kishu Kagerou

      A Miyagegashi that represents Wakayama. The sweet cream inside the soft dough tastes the best.

      Utsubo (Moray) Pori Pori

      Although Morays are called as the gangsters of the sea, it actually quite plain and deep in taste. We have fried those Morays which you can feel the umami every time you chew.

      Dry Fruits

      The fruit grown in Wakayama is carefully peeled by hand and dried so it doesn't spoil the flavor. The more you chew, the more you taste the juiciness which makes you forget that it is a dried fruit.

      Soy sauce Rusk

      The soon as you put it into your mouth, you will notice the great flavor of the soy sauce. You can't stop taking it due to the crispy texture and the sweet sourness.

      Kawazoe Cookie

      It is a cookie that used Kawazoe tea, Kishu's famous tea. The tea's fragrance and the right sweetness will spread inside inside your mouth.

      Wakayama's Arare

      You can enjoy the taste of the Arare, which is made at Yoneda Beika also known for its Takasago Arare, with ingredients made in the prefecture to as soon as you chew.

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