We are providing a private styled experiential dining which you can come empty-handed and enjoy making your own dish. It is the SEN.RETREAT's "Wakayama Select" which uses only the local products. Try experienicing the Wakayama's deliciousness with Kumano Kodo's grace.

ALL Wakayama

Wakayama is a Prefecture of Japan's leading deliciousness rich in nature: the sea, rivers and mountains, beautiful farm and ranch, and fisherman and a butcher. SEN.RETREAT is a facility where the customers themselves can make their own food with all the deliciousness of WAKAYAMA.

The words of the producer

  • A butcher of Wild game meat treatment facility, Hinatanomori Yukawa Toshiyuki

    Mr. Yukawa is a wild game meat butcher at the Hinatanomori which is a public limited company HInantaya's butchery facility launched by local farmers to control animal damage. He has one of the best skills of butchering and his wild game meat does not stink at all!

    【A message to those who would take wild game meat】

    The most important thing is not to exterminate deer and wild boars. We aim for coexistence and co-prosperity, rather than recklessly capturing them.
    Now that the damage has been considerably reduced, we are only catching animals that enter areas where humans live and farm.
    It is the humans who have created the situation that is said to be "animal harm." It is natural for deer and wild boars to come down to land that is not tended by humans. In other words, human beings are also responsible for animal damage.
    Through wild game meat, it would be great if you could feel the fact that life of humans is received.

  • Eco Management Co., Ltd. CEO Kishu Wakagyu Association director Sakaguchi Sohei

    Eco Management Co., Ltd. raises “Kishu Waka beef,” the highest level of Japanese black beef, and also treats waste as its main business. In fact, waste management and cattle breeding are closely related.

    【A message to customers】

  • Kurosawa Farm external sales team Ueshiba Naoko

    Kurosawa Ranch is located on the summit of Mt. Kurosawa at an altitude of 509m. It is the only farm in the Kinki region where grazing is practiced throughout the year in the mountains, and cows walk leisurely on about 30 hectares (six times the size of Tokyo Dome) of grassland.

    【A message to customers】

    The cows at Kurosawa Ranch are put out to pasture 24 hours a day, so they can sleep, wake up and graze at any time. By walking in the mountains, their legs are strong which makes a rich and high qualitied milk from healthy cows, and you can enjoy craft ice cream and milk pudding while thinking about the cows that live freely in the mountains.


Enjoying Wakayama
all inclusive

SEN. with delicious Wakayama


At TAKAHARA, which you rent the whole building, there is a private BBQ and a living room where you can enjoy food like Shabushabu on your pace. We have prepared fresh local wild game meat and BBQ ingredients. Enjoy it with the all inclusive drinks at the terrace.


At CHIKATUSYU, you can find fresh local wild game meat, BBQ and ajillo that uses fresh and unique local ingredients. You can also enjoy marshmallows at the bonfire stand located in the center of the 7 accommodations.


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