• Breakfast

    We have fragrant coffee ground from beans and hot sandwiches full of ingredients. You can enjoy a high-quality breakfast that is different from usual.



      Use the hotsand maker and make you own original hotsand.


      There are a variety of ingredients such as tomatoes, green pepper and mushrooms ready for you. Putting cheese in it makes it even better.

      CABELO's Coffee

      Please enjoy the coffee you grind from the beans yourself. We have home-roasted beans from Mr. CABELO from Tanabe City.

  • Dinner

    We have a lava plated BBQ and cheese fondue which you can enjoy at private garden or indoors. You can choose how to use the ingredients. Enjoy the prepared style of meals.

      Lava Plated BBQ

      Lava Plate

      It is a simple and easy style of having the BBQ by placing the lava plate on the gas grill. The lava plate has a high far-infrared effect, and it can be baked nicely brown on the surface and cooked soft and juicy inside.

      Kishu Waka Beef

      You can enjoy the top ranked Japanese Beef. It is a Japanese Balck Beef but with little fat and healthy red meat.

      Ajillo with rice oil and baguette

      Rice oil is expected to bring positive effects to the body health. Try having a new healthy styled Ajillo.

      Ume Pork Sauage

      A healthy "Kishu Umebuta," ate plum pulp extract everyday, has a refreshing taste that is not greasy.

      Other ingredients

      Enjoy the fresh ingredients from Wakayama.

  • All inclusive

    Drinks that even the local residents have never tried are prepared. Taking them home as an souvenir is also available. The drink is included in the staying price.

      Alcohol Drinks

      Kishu Gojugomagoku Dry Honjozo

      It is a light and dry Japanese sake. Its characteristic is the refreshing aftertaste that combines sharpness and richness.

      Voyager (Copper)

      It is a dark-colored ale beer that has a savoury aroma and sweetness through the use of caramel malt.

      Orchard Codo Wakayama Craft Liqueur

      The plums are all from Wakayama prefecture. Our fellow farmer's plums that are non-standard products or are difficult to make it as Umeboshi due to aging are used.

      Torokoku Momo Hime

      It is a fruity plum wine with a thick rich flavor that combines the sourness of plum with the rich aroma of peach.

      Jabarina 6%

      It is a shochu-based alcohol (6%) that used Jabara's fruit juice and contained a strong carbonic acid.


      You can drink it without anything or drink it with alcohol.

      Soft Drinks

      Momo-honoka Wakayama Ginger Ale

      New ginger harvested in Wakayama prefecture is used. While keeping the flavor of the ginger, peach juice is added. It is a sweet and subtle ginger ale.

      Kumano Cider (soda) Ume tangerine

      You can enjoy the refreshing aroma of Kiihanto's plum and pre-ripened tangerines that are used.Chemical fragrances are not used.

      Unshu Mikan Juice (small bottle)

      It gives away a luxury taste as if you are drinking the tangerine itself. The rich and refreshing texture is its characteristic.

      The World Heritage TAISHI no Mizu

      It is a water that has the best mineral balance. It is a good choice to have Japanese tea, black tea, coffee and whiskey with it.

      Yuzu Juice

      The refreshing taste and scent is the characteristic.

      Ume Hitoshizuku Wakayama Ginger Ale

      Young ginger and Nanko-Ume is used. The ginger's refreshing scent and Ume's scent can be felt.

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